Tough times made tough people, still does…

CPK BBQ Chicken Pizza

Tough times made tough people, still does…

I don’t know… What I do know is that I took the bus up to a grocery store that I don’t frequent and I came up on some essential goods. It sucks having to live like this — I mean I don’t feel ashamed, I’ve always made whatever situation I’m in “work.”

…But… I grabbed a few frozen pizzas and some boneless/skinless chicken that I can cook with the few side options I have available right here. Some cans of black beans or corn. I actually had it on my mind that I was going to go to my nearby store — a store I do frequent to get some other things. Flour tortillas, cotija, perhaps even a lemon and an onion.

Again, I don’t feel ashamed, but I’ve been placed in this situation — a never ending-cycle of poverty and my ethics hanging in the balance as I navigate these often destruction decisions.

I also failed to mention that I also came up on two tall-boys. Once I pushed back from the store and hopped the bus back south I was sweating bullets. I didn’t make it a few stops until I decided to bail and pop a cold one open.

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